"The Journey of 1,000 Miles begins with a single step."

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Jeff Michaels' intuitive readings consist of dialogue, conversation, and inspired information. In a session with Jeff Michaels, you may gain clarity, a higher perspective,  practical guidance, and personal transformational skills. Caring and compassionate, Jeff's honest and direct style is well-balanced with humor, helping his clients gain and maintain joy.

Jeff's intention is to help you find your strength and balance, to live your life based on your own spiritual awakening, and to move forward from your own strong space of power.

Honest, Intuitive Insights

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A one-hour session is $144.00.

Jeff Michaels, the voice of the spirit group Onereon, is the author of seven books on spirituality and personal growth.
His articles have appeared monthly in The Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine for over a decade.

"Jeff Michaels is an authentic, straight  from the heart, spiritual messenger. He has perfected the ability to facilitate personal insight and foster spiritual awareness. There is a magic in Jeff that can transform you. He is truly a catalyst for personal empowerment." Dr. Jennifer T., author/motivational speaker

"The reading was out of this world. My heart chakra was vibrating the whole and time for some time after. I felt like I received an energy attunement." - Ivy T., Huntington Beach, CA

"I just had my first session with Jeff. It was more than I ever expected. I found his insight to be exceptional. I know this will be the first of many sessions with Jeff as I continue my spiritual journey." —Barb A., Wauconda, IL

"Over the course of several decades I have attended many workshops and seminars, seen and heard many true teachers and self-appointed gurus, and visited with readers and healers all across the country. I gained more from one session with Jeff than all of these previous experiences. Simple. To the point. No pandering or pleasing. Just straight ahead, real world advice."   Craig R., Laurelhurst, Oregon

"My session yesterday was pretty amazing; it really helped me feel like I'm not going crazy, and gave me some direction on a few pretty big decisions coming up in my life." E.S., Newport Beach, CA

"It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Jeff has appeared in my life exactly when I needed to learn to harness my energy and focus on what really counts in life. His style is natural and free flowing. He exudes a calm that the world needs more of. Jeff knows and shares a great deal of his wisdom simply through his presence." Mark H., Crystal Lake, IL

"It is said, 'There are no wrong decisions, only difficult ones.'  Through the use of his intuitive gifts, Jeff Michaels provides guidance, through different modalities, to make those difficult decisions. Jeff's sessions are given in love, compassion, and with a sense of humor where you and your guides can laugh at the simplicity of it all. His relaxed and laid-back approach provided me with the knowledge and power to make informed decisions when faced with difficult health challenges this past year. His perception and sensitivity provided me with insightful options and alternatives. As a result, the outcome of my decisions presented me with abundant and blissful lessons in one chapter of my spiritual journey." - Ela C., Whittier, CA

"I really appreciate Jeff's ability to always get right to the heart of the matter, the core energy of the situation in question, and then he offers really practical, doable options and choices for me." A.L., Barrington, Illinois