Touch the Earth with

Quintessence Crystals

We have gathered together a selection of versatile and beautiful crystals for sale at our special events.  The attributes listed are the result of intuition and information gathered throughout many centuries. Each person will respond uniquely to the energies of each stone. Trust your own insight and have fun experimenting.

Stones are objects of great beauty. They may touch that place inside of you which responds, without limitation, to beauty and joy, facilitating balance and healing. This information is not to be used as a claim for healing or as a substitute for medical or any other professional treatment.

Our booklet, "The Crystal Experience" is available on Kindle. We are currently in geographic transition and do not have a shop, but our crystals are available at our special events and by arrangement. Please email us for details and watch here for an eventual on-line shop!

Agates: Joy and Luck! Used to help one remember to live in the present, and to instill gratitude for their current circumstances
Ajoite: Bliss. Used in assisting the generation of a sense of well-being and emotional stability
Amazonite: Hope. Used to encourage new perspectives and to support fresh starts
Amethyst: Serenity. Used to quiet the mind and to create a space of peace
Ametrine: Amethyst/Citrine. Used to support one in approaching the future in confidence and serenity
Apophyllite: Stillness. Used to make conscious the connections between the physical & spiritual
Aquamarine: Inspiration. Said to enhance connection to higher sources of wisdom.
Azeztulite: Light. Used to align oneself with the higher vibrational light of spirituality
Bloodstone: Healing and Abundance. Classically used to revitalize one’s physical being and resources
Blue Lace Agate: Grace. Considered to be inspirational and helpful for inner attunement
Blue Tiger Eye - aka Hawk's Eye: Sight. Used to encourage seeing things from a higher perspective and to deepen meditative insights
Carnelian: Stimulating and Stabilizing. Used to encourage one to get out of their rut and actively create
Celestite: Peace. Used to calm and quiet your emotions, mind, whatever your environment
Charoite: Inspiration. Considered a powerful ally for opening connection between heart and crown chakras
Chrysocolla: Self expression. Said to help awaken and encourage one’s true inner voice
Citrine: Refreshing! Considered to be an excellent choice for increasing abundance and joy
Clarity Quartz: Used for gaining clarity of situations, choices, potentials. These feel great!
Crystal Skulls: Higher Self. Considered to be an unsurpassed tool to gain a higher perspective
Dragon Stone: Vibrant Life. Used for drawing powerful support from elements that exist around you
Dravite - Brown Tourmaline: Uniting. An absolute favorite for balancing within us the energy above (the heavens) with the energy below (the earth)
Fluorite: Balancing. Used for all-chakra balancing and to aid in clarity for decision making
Hyperstene: Invigorating. Used to harmonize entire chakra system, encouraging karmic unity
Iolite/Sunstone: Insight and will. Said to encourage you to act with endurance and hope even in difficult situations

Kunzite: Trust. Highly regarded as a catalyst to increase trust: in one’s path, one’s internal wisdom, and in the infinite love and abundance of the universe.
Labradorite: Wonder. Used to connect with the energy of one’s higher self and to reflect one’s inner light
Lapis Lazuli: Awareness. Used to open one to self knowledge and timeless wisdom
Larimar: Gentle Growth. Used to help release self-imposed limitations and attachments
Lava Rock: Transformative. Used to direct energy towards goals and to enhance adjoining minerals
Lemurian Quartz: Ancient Wisdom. Said to encourage deep spiritual awareness
Libyan Tektite: "I AM." Said to strengthen and encourage connection to the True You
Lithium Quartz: Mellow. It's all good! Used to support emotional release and to provide comfort, bliss
Mookaite (Australian Jasper): Support. Considered to be revitalizing, strengthening, and encouraging

Morganite: Joie de Vivre. Considered to be one of the highest frequency stones available for matters of compassion, joy of life and exultation of spirit
Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro): Magic! Used to access multiple realms. Said to boost shamanic and meditative practice
Opal: Dreamy. Used in meditation and intuitive development. Considered to soothe emotions
Pietersite: Momentum. Said to help you to focus to gain clarity and to promote action towards your desires
Polychrome Jasper: Happy Stone! Used to balance emotions and encourage good fortune
Prenite: Fresh start. Used to encourage progression into a more self-aware existence
Quartz: Versatile. Used to gain clarity and insight. Said to amplify energy and other crystals
Quintessential Wands: Quality singing laser wands. Used to direct energy for healing/gridwork
Rainbow Moonstone: Harmony. Said to be reflective & clarifying. Used for deep introspection
Red Tiger Eye: Strengthening will. Said to support trust, courage, and practical spirituality
Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love. Considered supportive in generating feelings of connection and joy
Ruby: Devotion. Rubies symbolize beauty, passion, and generous love
Rutile in Quartz: Focus. Said to intensify the power of the quartz in all applications
Selenite: Meditation. Used to calm, soothe, and refresh one's energy field & also other crystals
Scolecite: Higher Chakras. Used to enhance deep connection, dream states, and astral travel
Serafinite: Healing. Said to powerfully act on the physical and also to encourage connection with angelic energies
Shungite: Wow! Said to purify, protect, normalize, induce recovery, and promote growth
Smokey Quartz: Clearing. Said to be supportive in releasing energetic blockages, yet remain soothing and clarifying
Specular Hematite: Vision. Used to mirror and strengthen your belief in your skills and abilities
Spheres (Crystal Balls): Insight. Used for gazing to gain clarity. Said to generate a space of balance
Tiger Eye (Gold): Wisdom and Courage. Used to help one gain insight and act clearly.
Tiger Eye (Red): Self-Confidence. Considered helpful in assisting one to align with their core strengths.
Vivianite: Inner Strength. Considered to be a stone of peace, love, compassion, and spiritual illumination

"Balanced Field Energy Work" Crystal Pairs
Pocket stones available through Quintessence

As Above, So Below—Azeztulite and Hyperstene
Calm Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body—Amethyst and Serafinite
Remove Blocks to Increased Self-Awareness— Smokey Quartz and Lapis
Balancing Yin and Yang - Moonstone and Sunstone
Power and Passion - Hematite and Garnet
Energetic Vacation - Lemon Chrysoprase and Muscovite
Let it Go and Find Joy - Amazonite and Rhodocrosite