Experience this extraordinary blend of vibrant energy work where compassionate space is supported by soothing scent and sound, specially selected crystals, and intuitively-guided imagery. Encourage your Physical Vitality, Emotional Harmony, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Unity. Enjoy this unique and personalized technique which is available exclusively through Quintessence. 

Jill and Jeff have been Reiki Master Teachers since 1998 and 2003, respectively.  Jill is also a Certified Kriya Yoga Meditation Instructor.  Jeff is a Certified Hypnotherapist. They have been working with the energies of crystals since the mid-1990's.

A one hour session is $180. To schedule your session,
please email us at quintessencecrystals@gmail.com

"Having had considerable experience in giving and receiving treatments that enhance a person's well being, I want to recommend the work that Jill Q. Weiss and Jeff Michaels co-create. I believe their practice directly serves the person they are working with in a unique and profound way.

"Though I know this technique is layered and works on many levels, the first time I received a BFE Session I was doing all I could to relieve some back pain. All treatments (massage, acupuncture, pilates, heat, anti-gravity traction) were helping some and I believe building a foundation for healing but this work of Jill and Jeff's was what helped everything come together and within 1-2 hours most of my 4 month experience with pain was gone. The next day it was but a distant memory.

"I believe this work is good for anyone working to shift or move to the next place with anything they are currently going thru. May I also add that it is just as wonderful to simply enjoy the bliss of this experience." Karen M Kerwitz Veteran Physical Therapist Assistant and Bodyworker

 "I received my first treatment of Balanced Field Energy from Jill and Jeff and found it to be one of the most relaxing yet profound treatments I have ever had. It was like a journey into my soul.

"Not only was I being treated with energy work from two people at once, but I also had stones and wands and other items placed on or around me to settle myself and help transform me to another place. As I allowed myself to go there, Jeff’s soothing voice told a story of my journey including outdoor walks and animals and the environment. It was like I was floating in a different time and taking a look at myself from a different view to help me purify and clarify. It may have been only an hour, but it felt like a much needed eternity.

"Since then, I have been able to sense things differently and have been more in touch with myself and my feelings than ever before. I know that future treatments will only help me to grow and be more connected to my inner peace which is the reason why I said 'yes' to my first treatment." Dora Schaieb, Physical Therapist