Quintessence is defined as "the perfect example of something" or "the most important essence."

It comes from the Latin quinta (fifth) and essentia (essence). In ancient and medieval philosophy, the fifth essence came after the four: fire, air, water, and earth. It was believed to permeate all matter and to be an energy inherent in all things. It represents the spirit – the essential part that can't be seen – of any being or any thing.

In physics, Quintessence is a hypothetical form of energy postulated to exist as a potential explanation of observations of an accelerating universe. In this concept, Quintessence creates space. Since opening in 1999, our mission at Quintessence has been to create space for clients and guests to explore their spirit.

Jeff Michaels and Jill Q. Weiss delight in crystals for their beauty, energy, use in focusing intentions, capacity to instill joy and wonder, and ability to create a space of stillness. Quintessence also offers wisdom from a higher perspective through the channeling of the spirit group Onereon (www.onereonchannels.com) and personal intuitive readings by Jeff.

Jeff Michaels is also a versatile author:

"A Day at the Beach and Other Brief Diversions" is Jeff's collection of metaphyicional short stories, available on Amazon and Kindle.

Tasa's Path, Book One of his Tasa's Passage Trilogy, and a short story, Crossing Jack, are now available. Both of these stories are segments of his extensive Mystical Histories Project. 

Jeff's author's website can be found here.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you find what you seek within.

Jill Q. Weiss & Jeff Michaels